Maximize sales and automate Facebook support with ChatLord

ChatLord is an intuitive Facebook Chatbot Builder with AI navigation. No coding required. Easily add and edit content to create a rich navigation experience

Use the power of A.I. to better understand your fanbase

Our A.I. engine detects words and phrases similar to the ones you define in your dashboard, then presents the user with relevant menus.

Be where your users are

Messengers are bigger than social networks.

Great Retention

It’s easyer to get loyal users due to ease of use and native interface.

Easy to get in touch

No need to download and / or update apps or collect emails.

Automate your
Facebook Inbox

Dont miss any questions from your customers that are sent through Facebook Messenger. Use ChatLord to automate responses to these questions and switch to a human whenever needed.

Digital marketing is more than just redirecting to a landing page

Lower customer aquisition costs, get higher impressions and engagements, also higher retention rates.

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